Tuesday, 25 June 2013

6. My Showreel/Resume

Last but not least, I would like to present you my current student Showreel, consisting of my best works so far, followed by my CV/Resume (available for download) for those who want to learn more about me and what I can.


Bozhidar's CV

5. Presentational and Research Skills

This post will showcase my abilities to research topics and select and present    information. I will also post my academic essays, which aim to research current issues using different film theories.

Presentation example:

Here you can read some of my academic essays/ research papers, using film theory to illustrate my points/ arguments to investigate and research the current issue.

Research Papers:

1.  "Representation of Gender in Film Noir"- research essay.

2. "Theorizations of Film Noir"/Comperative anlaysis of two films.

3. "Defining Film Movements : German Expressionism /Japanese Horror cinema".

4. "Earlier and later developments in Film history: New American cinema"

Just like movies themselves, commercials have their own Genres (Beauty, Car, Comedy etc.) and again  just like good movies good commercials need a lot of planning and research.

4. From Idea and Concept to Final Product

This post showcases my ability to develop an original idea into concept, and later use that concept to produce the final artifact.

Film - Script - Storyboard (Final product)

1. "Hi,Mum"




 Storyboard: (covering the script)

Script page 1
Script page 2

Script page 3
Script page 4
Script page 5

2. "Ascension"




Storyboard: (covering the script)

Script page 1 and 2
Script page 3

3. Spec.TV commercial scripts

1. Watermans Cinema - "Box Office Smash"

"Box Office Smash" Film format script

"Box Office Smash" A/V format script

Here you can see a test video and a storyboard that I did for this commercial.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


2.  Starbucks - "Sweetest Crime"

3. Samsung Galaxy S4 - "New Stranger in Town"

"New Stranger in Town" Film format script

"New Stranger in Town" A/V script

4. Audi RSQ - " The Sweet Escape"

"The Sweet Escape" Film format script

"The Sweet Escape" A/V script

5. Doritos - "Death Wish" (Superbowl Commercial Contest)

"Death Wish" Film format script

" Death Wish" A/V format script

6. Red Indra - "Perfect" (music video script)

"Perfect" music video script

"Perfect" music video treatment

Speaking of music videos here's the very first music video that I directed:

Monday, 17 June 2013

2. Short Film Scripts

1. "Server for lonely hearts"

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Mystery

A film dealing with problems of modern society, human interaction in a possible future, and implications of technology.

2. "Sugar Daddy" 

Genre: Action/Drama

“Sugar Daddy” follows a day in the life of Mike Castro – an illegal emigrant from Colombia, who after being released from prison, trying to live his life the right way , gets involved in a bank robbery and a drug trade without his will.

3. "Currency"

Genre: Action/Crime

"Currency" tells the story of a young black man Greg, who ends up doing the wrong choices in life.  Is Greg going to make the wrong decision again?

4. "Hi, Mum" 

Genre: Drama

"Hi,Mum" follows the story of an Eastern European family living in the UK, and the broken relationship between a mother and her daughter.

5. "Ascension" 

Genre: Experimental Film

"Ascension" uses abstract approach of representing human life with its all guilty little pleasures, struggles, achievements and disappointments as a repetitive cycle .

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

1. Storyboards

Just a small collection of storyboards(both hand-drawn and built with photographs) that I did for short films/spec. commercials/music videos showcasing my ability to pre-visualise content and create visual concepts.

"Hi,Mum"- Drama page 1

"Hi,Mum"- Drama page 2

"Hi,Mum"- Drama page 3

"Hi,Mum"- Drama page 4

"Hi,Mum"- Drama page 5

"Meeting Mr.Manners"- Drama page 1

"Meeting Mr.Manners"- Drama page 2

"Meeting Mr.Manners"- Drama page 3

" Meeting Mr.Manners"- Drama page 4

"Perfect" Music Video page 1

"Perfect" Music Video page 2

"Perfect" page 1 (Large)

"Perfect" page 2 (Large)

"Ascension" Experimental film page 1

"Ascension" Experimental film page 2

"Ascension" page 1 (Large)

"Ascension" page 2 (Large)

Storyboard Single Frame example

Storyboard Single Frame example 2